About The Project


The Triplicata

Project Triplicata exists as both a sculpture and an illustrated website. The main idea was to play with the concept of dimensionality by combining different media. I wanted to show my skills across different disciplines, as well as creating an object that could be considered “multidimensional.” What I mean by this is that, since it is a multimedia project it had to have different media at play. In the process of applying these different media the project took a different entity. It was no longer just a website, or a sculpture, or a series of illustrations; rather it was a project that existed in both the physical as well as the digital world. The illustrations serve as the content for the website. The website itself serves as the platform for the illustrations, while the sculpture anchors both by displaying the QR codes that link to the website.

The illustrations have a concept of their own, as well. It started out as a way to validate my need to draw beings of fantasy, since I was not allowed to do an illustration book as my project. In order to have cohesiveness, I decided to base the illustrations on people I saw everyday during the winter of 2017-18. The creature of fantasy would be determined by the mythology of the person’s cultural background. For instance, the friend I ride the bus with is from India, and practices the Hindu religion. Thus, the creature I based them off of was the Hindu god, Vishnu. Instead of him sitting across from me, it is Vishnu who takes the seat. I implemented this idea with the rest of the illustrations, limiting the number of illustrations to 6 due to a tight deadline.

The sculpture came to be from my fascination with impossible geometry. Referencing objects like the tesseract I attempted to make an object that almost defied physics, or at the very least looked unnatural in its composition. The name Triplicata is Latin for triplicate, and it is defined as existing in three copies. Individually, each component is capable of standing as a separate project, with the website as a more minimalistic work with just bits of data.